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11:53pm 24/04/2008
mood: chipper

post post post, posty posty post.

So, I haven't really posted in a long long long time. That should make up for it.

I was just going back and reading old posts and thinking a) I'm funny! and b) when did THAT happen?? and c) I wish I could be funny again and make myself say "when did THAT happen" 2 years from now!

So, I will try to do that more often.
Plus, I miss all my crazy friends!
What have you all been up to??

PS. Ebony has had a miracle, and is still alive. 

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05:03pm 15/04/2008
mood: crushed
For all of you who have known and loved Ebony, you may want to read this...

While I was on vacation last week, she experienced renal failure. 
The pet sitter took her to the emergency clinic where they worked 24/7 to try to save her life. 

She is stable, but not better. Her kidney values are not going down. She is a very sick kitten, and she can't even create a meow. 

She is finally eating again and is slowly gaining weight back, and she is no longer dehydrated, but we can't assume anything about what will happen tomorrow, next week, or next month.

I am preparing myself for saying good-bye, but I am also still holding out hope that she will enjoy another several years of happy life. 

There is just no way to know.


Send her your prayers and happy healthy kitty thoughts.



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moving, yo   
11:24am 14/05/2007
mood: optimistic
I'm moving to California tomorrow!
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Here's a review of "300" from Ain't It Cool News - you will die   
03:09pm 14/02/2007
mood: giddy
I just saw a movie that’ll give your eyes boners, make your balls scream and make you poop DVD copies of THE TRANSPORTER. It’s called 300. I don’t know what the title has to do with the movie, but they could’ve called it KITTENS MAKING CANDLES and it’d still rule.
It’s about these 300 Greek dudes who stomp the sugar-coated shit out of like a million other dudes. I have a feeling that a lot of high school sports coaches are going to show this film to their teams before they play. Also, gay dudes and divorced women are going to use screen captures for computer wallpaper.
The movie takes place about a million years ago, and it’s sort of like a prequel to SIN CITY. Except way less guns and cars but twice as much skull splitting. If you watch this movie and go into a Taco Bell, and say to the cashier, “I need some extra sauce packets” guess what? You’re getting twenty sauce packets because your face will punch him in the brain.
I can’t spoil the plot because THANK GOD THERE ISN’T ONE. Just ass kicking that kicks ass that, while said ass is getting kicked, is kicking yet more ass that’s hitting someone’s balls with a hammer made of ice but the ice is frozen whiskey.
Who gives a shit if the music isn’t historically correct? LORD OF THE RINGS could’ve used some Journey. This movie has that chu-CHUNG kind of metal that you hear in your head when your shift supervisor at Wetzel’s Pretzel is telling you that you’ll have to stay for clean up and you wish you had a sock filled with quarters in your hand.
Basically, the Greek dudes are fighting these Persian dudes, but the director, who must have a dick made of three machine guns, does it all like a video game. The Greeks fight every death metal video from the last ten years. There’s wave after wave of giants, freaks, ninjas, mutants, wizards, and a hunchback who looks like he’s got Rosie O’Donnell on his back.
Would I have been happy if Dom DeLuise from HISTORY OF THE WORLD, PART I had shown up? Maybe, but this movie more than makes up for that glaring oversight.
These are Greek times, when there were a lot of naked women around. And there are some naked women in this film, but almost every naked woman scene has a muscular dude giving the screen an ass picnic. Dude-ity is something directors put in their movies so people will think they’re serious, I guess, and not just throwing in naked hotties.
Any directors reading this – IT’S OKAY TO JUST THROW IN NAKED HOTTIES.
Can’t someone make a movie about naked Amazons and call it PAUSE BUTTON?
My final analysis is 300 the most ass-ruling movie I’ve seen this year, and will probably be the King of 2007 unless someone makes a movie where a pair of sentient boobs fights a werewolf.
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11:46am 22/04/2006
mood: amused
A man who has drawn Superman, The Marvel Universe, Justice League, Teen Titans, and The Pheonix... is helping us come up with a group name for our mutants and materminds game... MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Now we just need to come up with a good name, lol
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12:08am 22/03/2006
  First day of spring and it snows 4 inches.
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Brag time   
10:14am 02/03/2006
mood: okay
Because I know all of you will be insanely jealous, I thought I would share.

The model for Mr. Fantastic is a close friend of mine.
The model for Superman is a martial arts teacher at my school.
And another good friend is a marvel comic artist.

So there.

I am doing okay, but have had the raging flu this week. I'm sure it will hit all you poor suckers soon. I hope to be done with school in 2 more semesters, with the small glitch of passing a language test. I am happy, Spring is here and Ebony says "mow". Oh, and I found Doo Lee the other day. He says hi too.
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12:33am 06/12/2005
mood: sick
You have to see this movie!

Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter

It is a kung foo, comedy, horror, musical!

I think I can die happy now.

*dies from laughing*

Oh, an update:
Thanksgiving was okay - got sick, have been sick since and finals are next week.
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01:24pm 06/11/2005
mood: anxious
Hey everybody,
Wanted you to know that I am okay.
The tornado hit Evansville, which is 2 hours away from here, but there was another one only 16 miles south of us. We were up from 230-430am waiting for the warning sirens to stop. Very very windy. Lots of power outages. 12 people died.
Very scary to wake up in the middle of the night to your windows booming and the sirens blowing!
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01:12pm 30/10/2005
mood: hungry
I goto so drunk last night at the party that I was still drunk this morning when I was nursing my hangover.
Good party.
03:09pm 25/10/2005
  Oh yea, I forgot to mention that I hear sound at zero decibels. Normal range is 20. I am a super hero! *strikes a pose*

So it is so strange that I can't hear certain things (that is the problem - talking over running water, hearing 1 person in a loud room, talking over quiet music on headphones, etc).

They said that it might be my brain not being able to interpret all the crazy sounds. It is just a guess though, because they aren't brain people. So yea.
08:47am 25/10/2005
mood: cold
Failed 1 midterm but aced the others - well, except the one I get back on wednesday... pretty sure aced that one though - will drop the bad class for my sanity and am looking for something to replace it. They have 8 week classes here so that is sweet. advising appointment today - wish me luck.


I am house shopping. woo.

Ebony is acting weird.. taking her to the vet prolly end of this week.

Fell down really far yesterday and totally twisted the fuck out of my ankle. Will be interesting today having to walk around everywhere.. *sigh*

Mathers training still going well.
Worked with Cheryl Munson last Friday and didn't do very well.. so hopefully I'll do better in the field next weekend. Yea.

I think that's it.
Oh yea - it is fucking cold here.
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08:57am 19/10/2005
  They don't know what is wrong - Need to get more tests.  
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11:13pm 13/10/2005
mood: worried
you use them everyday.
When suddenly they don't work anymore... well, the world because a little scary.

I am going to get a hearing test on Monday and maybe they will figure out why I am loosing my hearing.. and maybe they will tell me it can't be fixed. Maybe I'll have to get a hearing aid. Maybe I'll suddely be handicapped.

I am a little scared.
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10:16am 03/10/2005
  got the job at the museum - i am very excited :)  
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you sank my battleship!   
02:33pm 01/10/2005
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10:08am 11/09/2005
mood: blah
How is everyone?
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06:05pm 10/09/2005
mood: worried
I suddenly have no idea what is going to happen and that scares me.
The future scares me.

How long does it take to buy a house if you have good credit?

On a side note, my backpack flooded and ruined some of my books and notes. *sigh*
Italian is hard.
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09:13pm 21/08/2005
mood: anxious
I have decided that 2 week vacations are too long.

I saw Jay for only a few days before he had to go back to school to register. Andy was gone a lot with his friends, but that was understandable because he is 19 and that is what 19-year-olds do :)

It was weird to stay with my Aunt because of the whole "unwelcome" fiasco we had a few weeks ago, but everything turned out okay for the most part.

We hung out at the beach 3 days and had crappy waves and a red tide for 2 of them. Plankton tastes really gross, in case you were wondering, but at night it flashes and looks really keen. The highlight was that we finally beat the ocean. VICTORY!

My aunt took the boys and me to Laguna to the art fair and it was fun critiquing the art with Andy. I really like him and wish I could spend more time with him. ML just has no faith in her son and that makes me sad. He even put aside the pie for us *sigh*

Laurene is doing okay - she has a wound vac for her foot and it makes funny noises, but that should be coming off in a few weeks. The doctors have made a positive prognosis and all she has left to do is learn how to walk without half her foot. Grandpa is tired of taking care of her because she is extra bossy, but he is starting to fight back. They actually had a shouting match while I was there! Gotta love that Glassco feisty-ness :)

Now I am home and I start school in a week. I am looking forward to it because my classes should be neat, but... I just don't know what I want to do (still). It is starting to get me down.

We'll see what happens..
Unfortunately, this time it is going to cost me $9,000.
hi there   
08:59pm 10/08/2005
mood: okay
I am still alive.

Got almost all of the classes I want and am now visiting my aunt and uncle in California. There is a red tide caused by tons of plankton in the water so the beach is gross, but at least the water is warm. I am scared of sharks. I love how my cousin said "we don't have sharks here, only great whites". I feel so much better now *sarcasm*

Next I am going to a wedding type thing this weekend, then I am seeing my grandpa and laurene (she just got out of the hospital after they hacked off part of her foot) and that will be nice. Then I go home and start school. Whee.

I miss Ebony and I miss my own bed. The bed here is too fluffy.